Proposal to Summer at Portland Comic Con

James A Long about proposing to Summer at the Portland Convention in 2014.

It was a proposal for my friend who couldn’t make it, and because he said he would have proposed, I did in his stead. I explained to her how upset my friend Stephen was that he couldn’t make it.They, at first, reacted like any couple should, lol, as you can see in the video, she insists that, you know, she’s already engaged to that guy next to her. I just insisted on telling her it was for fun. Afterwards they seem to come around, especially after seeing the pic of him (with his cat). Her laugh was the flare for the rest of us to join in, I had printed that pic in particular on purpose, all in good fun. Val was totally cool, even held the photo up when I proposed (He insisted on holding up the photo to my face), it was great.

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